Many plaques in the Exning area need photographing this space

The plaque in St.Martin's Church, Exning

The Bury Free Press of 26th June 1920 report:-

A large brass tablet, affixed to the wall of the tower at the western end of St.Martin's Church, Exning, and bearing the names of 75 men belonging to the village who lost their lives in the Great War, was unveiled by the Rev. E.Awdry, rector of Lidgate and Rural Dean of Newmarket, on Thursday evening at a special service which was attended by a very large congregation.
The Rev.W.M.Sheppard (vicar), the Rev H.P.Brewer, of Maidstone (late vicar), and Rev. E de C.Dallmore (curate in charge of Sty Philip's, Exning also took part in the service. The Rural Dean in his address said that £50 towards the cost of the memorial had been collected by the late vicar and the remaining £20 by the present vicar..........
Beneath the names on the tablet are the following words:-"Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori". A wreath of bays, in memory of the stable lads from Beechwood who had made the great sacrifice, was hung below the memorial. It should be stated that, apart from the tablet in the church, a parish war memorial is to be provided at Exning. The village is to be allocated one-fifth of the sum collected by the Newmarket War Memorial Committee.
The handsome brass tablet is 3ft by 2 ft, and below it is an oaken shelf provided for the placing of vases of flowers. The fixing of the tablet and the providing of the shelf was gratuitously provided by Mr.W.P.King, builder of Exning.
The collection on Thursday amounted to £4.5s.4d.which was more than sufficient to pay off the remaining debt on the memorial.

The plaque in the Church of St Philip's and St. Etheldreda, Exning Road, Newmarket
which carries the names of many in "Our Exning Heroes" and also on the Exning Memorial.
This Church operated closely with St Martin's in Exning at the time, when it was a tin building on St Philip's Road, Newmarket

There are no names on the carved wooden area

Names of all who served in WW1

Names of those who died