not on the memorial but buried in All Saints churchyard

No.172359, 2nd Lieutenant, Nigel CARMAN
Aged 29
9th Battalion North Staffs Regt (Royal Armoured Corps)
medal entitlement unknown
Died on Tuesday, 30th June 1942

Nigel CARMAN was born in 1913, son of Ralph and Maud Stuart CARMAN of Mandeville, Jamaica

His birth registration has not been found.

In 1934, he married Welsh born Emma Mary GARNON [17-11-1911] in Chelsea (Chelsea qtr3 1934 1a:1216). They had two daughters, Moira [Pancras 1935 but died later that year] and Diana Stuart [Hendon 4 qtr 1939].

Nigel was an accountant in civilian life

Emma and daughter Diana sailed to Jamiaca from Newport, Monmouth on the SS "Sulaco" on 1st July 1940. Their UK address had been 25 The Crossways, Wembley Park, Middlesex.
This presumably their choice of evacuation to avoid the blitz in London.

Emma, in the 1939 register, was at 21 Lyncroft Avenue, Harrow, Middlesex. The connection with Fornham is not known at present.

The 9th Battalion was, like the 8th Battalion, also initially raised as a training battalion, and was assigned to the 224th Independent Infantry Brigade (Home). The 9th Battalion was transferred to the Royal Armoured Corps in December 1941, becoming 154th Regiment Royal Armoured Corps, retaining their North Staffords cap badge on the black beret of the Royal Armoured Corps, as did all other infantry units converted in this way.

The Royal Armoured Corps badge

photo - Adrian Pye

Nigel Carman is buried in Fornham All Saints Cemetery, row 2 grave 3

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