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Such was the nature of life in those days that one should be circumspect regarding all dates and ages, which can vary wildly from source to source.

A most valuable source of information has been "Our Exning Heroes", a small book written and published in 1919( priced 1s 3d , about 6p in today's money) by Rev.H.P.Brewer MA BD (Vicar of Exning) and Rev C.R.Farnsworth M.A. Curate in charge of St Philip's Church, Exning. This was published in 1919.

"RAF Bomber Command Losses of the Second World War" by W R Chorley (Ian Allan Publishing) has been a source of much information, and several internet forums such as and have helped.

Information regarding the New Zealand fliers was greatly assisted by Errol Martyn and his trilogy
'For Your Tomorrow - A record of New Zealanders who have died while serving with the RNZAF and Allied Air Services since 1915'

Hyper links have been placed to enable all casualties records on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Debt of Honour to be accessed.This will enable access to more details regarding the Cemetery or Memorial mentioned. in addition credit is given to any images sourced from that website.

Several other photographs are credited to and also to

Many of the photographs herein originated from these websites and as such should not be used for any commercial purpose.

"Battalion at War - Singapore 1942" by Michael Moore ISBN 0-947893-24-5 was a source for much about those in the 1st Battalion, Cambridgeshire Regt.

Much information and many photographs have been sourced from the pages of the Newmarket Journal. My thanks go to the Editor and staff there for their invaluable support.

Thanks to sponsorship from Newmarket Town Council it was possible to have several copies of a book printed and distributed to the Records Office, Newmarket Library, the Royal British Legion and other such organisations. This also assisted in bringing forward some more relatives with information. The book can be re-printed at any time, and I do try to up date it as much as this website and thanks to the way Burwell Print charge, single copies are no more expensive than a long run (around £20 per copy).

I must also thank my daughter Lene and the late Tony Dunn who have pushed me some miles and done the walk to headstones that my chair would not reach. and photographer Roy Beardsworth for his assistance, again where I cannot get to the headstones. My mates Michael Pettitt and especially Rodney Gibson have suffered me charging around the Western Front visiting as many as 15 cemeteries each day for 4 days, taking hundreds of photographs and placing Poppy crosses on the graves of men from the Newmarket area. In addition several relatives have provided information and photographs which has greatly assisted in this work

Bombing of the High Street on February 18th 1941 Mike Mingay's website shows the current shops etc merged with the bomb damage that day, just move your cursor over the photos

Three abbreviations are often used in the text , these are:
CWGC = Commonwealth War Graves Commission and SDGW ( or at times "Soldiers Died") = Soldiers Who died in the Great War and CSS = Casualty Clearing Station

Photographs of a casualty’s actual headstone can usually be obtained from: The War Graves Photographic Project are attempting to amass photographs of ALL war graves throughout the world, regardless of nationality. Currently (2012) they ask for a donation of £3.50 for each emailed photograph or £5.50 for a posted 7”x3” photograph.

These are higher definition images and vastly superior in every way to copying any from this website.

Totally free were the images of all the Far East headstones and memorial inscriptions.These were supplied by

A further aspect to our research was the attempt to have the Commonwealth War Graves Commission add to their records some of those who, although on the Memorial and buried in Newmarket Cemetery, are not on the CWGC Debt of Honour. This in most cases is due to death after discharge from the Armed Forces, but this was rectified. The CWGC were convinced that the cause of death specified on the death certificate verifies it was due to or aggravated by war service.
An organisation known as "In from the Cold" helped in this project. Arthur Norman and Charles Friedlander were accepted for the Book of Remembrance in October 2011 and Fred Collier in December 2011.
It was a great result, three successes from three applications. Three new headstones were installed in 2016 as we knew from the burial records at Bury St Edmunds Records Office exactly where Fred Collier and Charles Friedlander are, but unfortunately the only record for Arthur Norman is Old Ground. In his case a headstone has been placed near the Cross of Sacrifice on which, across the top, are the words "known to be buried in this Cemetery".

For the benefit of others, should any reader have further information of those herein, or extra photographs or better photographs, please let the webmaster know in order that these records can be updated.
For photos in the "Who is he?" section I am indebted to the late Roger Newman, who has a vast collection of old Newmarket postcards