173014, Pilot Officer (Wireless Operator/Air Gunner), George William GOULT, D.F.M.
Aged 23

88 Squadron, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Killed in Action on Tuesday, 15th February 1944

En Garde - Be on your guard

Born on 19th March 1921 [Newmarket 3b:827], the son of George Henry and Mary Louise GOULT (née HADFIELD).

In the 1939 register, at 6 King Edward Road, Newmarket, were George (corn merchant's clerk.Air Raid messenger), his father George H. [20-6-1890] (manager of clothiers/tailors/Air Raid Warden) and his mother Mary L[15-3-1887]. There is one closed record.

George had been awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal before he was commissioned. This was the citation:-
Sgt G.W.Goult No 226 Sqdn..When in action against an enemy convoy, Sgt Goult, by cool and accurate fire, forced an enemy aircraft to break away and it was shortly after destroyed. During an operation in October 1941, Sgt Goult was attacked by four enemy aircraft but, as a result of steady and accurate fire from his guns, one dived away from the action fetching a trail of smoke. His high courage, coolness and resource, and his determination to destroy the enemy, have been in a great measure responsible for the splendid offensive spirit of the crew with whom he flies

On 22nd August 1942 the Bury Free Press reported:-

No longer part of Bomber Command, by then it was 2nd Tactical Air Force, 88 Sqdn from RAF Hartfordbridge were ordered to attack flying bomb launch site constructional works at Flottmanville-Hague.( a Noball mission) Boston Mk IIIA- BZ279 c/s RH-?, (DouglasA-20C-5-DO-USAAF 42-33034 Havoc Built under lend-lease contract for delivery to RAF and Sov AF) was airborne at 11:10 on 15th Feb.1944. The aircraft was seen to receive a direct hit from flak at 13.000 feet, after bombing the target at 12:15. The starboard engine burst into flames and the wing folded. The aircraft was seen to hit the ground 2 miles west of Querqueville(Heinneville) about 3 miles west of Cherbourg. The whole crew of W’Cmdr AB Wheeler (RCAF although a New Zealander by birth) pilot: F/Lt AG Dickenson(RAF) Navigator: Warrant Officer GW Goult (RAFVR) W/Op-Air Gunr: and F/Sgt Reid (RNZAF) Air Gunr are buried together in Cherbourg.
George was posthumously promoted to Pilot Officer

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George is buried in Cherbourg Old Communal Cemetery, France Ref- 6.G.4
and also commemorated on the Exning Road plaque, now kept in the Exning Road Working Mens Club

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