This page is a really long shot

Here we will place photographs of Servicemen who we believe to be Newmarket lads
No idea who they are at present, nor even if died or returned home

Sherborn and E Young were well known Newmarket photographers of the time, much of their work being used as postcards
Thanks to the massive collection of Newmarket postcards of the late Roger Newman and of Peter Norman, we can explore this possible source of identification.

It may just be possible that someone does recognise them from photos in the family album, in which case we would really like to know

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A Bandmaster, after WW1 postcard by Sherborn

Photo One, a postcard by Newmarket photographer E Young, Station Road

Photo Two, a postcard by Newmarket photographer Sherborn.
The badge appears to be Royal Army Service Corps which places the photo as not earlier than April/May 1918

Photo Three
Seems to be a group of Warrant Officers and Sergeants from a mixed bag of regiments. The N A S of I was the Northern Army School of Instruction for N.C.O.'s
They appear to have operated from Douglas House, in Park Lane (See #3 platoon - Oct-Nov 1917 photo below)

Photo Four
Seems to be a similar group of Warrant Officers and Sergeants from a mixed bag of regiments. Newmarket photographer Sherborn

Photo Five
Seems to be a group at an Officer Training school by the hat bands
There were two Officer Cadet Battalions,No 12 and No 13, in Newmarket in WW1

Photo Six
Postcard addressed to Mr (or Mrs) S Sea,( which could be Lea) c/o Mr J Holloway, 9 Exeter Road, Newmarket
Apparently not postally used. Possible the regiment is the Essex Regiment

Photo Seven
The British Red Cross staff at Sussex Lodge Hospital in 1917
Sussex Lodge is along the lane just past the Convent (St Louis School) on Fordham Road

Photo Eight
Studio photo of family believed to be Newmarket folk No identification at all
Badge could be 13th London, or Irish Guards, or Devonshire Regt