Location:- Corner of Albion Street and Wellington Street, about opposite the current Oxfam Shop

Brewery or Owner:-finally- Lacons Brewery, Yarmouth.

For some, so far unknown, reason, it was often referred to as "The Pelican" but always Albion Stores in official documents. It has been surmised that the brewery sign was a pelican, but Lacon's bird is quite definitely a hawk of some kind.
Situated on the left of the alleyway into The Rookery from Wellington Street. Closed some time in the late 1950's.

Lacon's brewery in Great Yarmouth started in 1760. In 1952 the company sold 20% to Whitbread who bought out Lacon's altogether in 1965, closing the brewery 1968. Lacons deposited a sample of their brewing yeast in 1957 at the Norwich-based National Collection of Yeast Cultures, as a backup in case their own cultures got contaminated. This enabled a new company, having negotiated with Anheuser-Busch InBev to secure the name and its intellectual property, to start up in 2013 using the original yeast,and so Lacons trades again today from Great Yarmouth.


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Alf and Edith Dunmore, around 1947

All gone, replaced late 1960s by the advertising hoarding.
Looking from New Cut, along Wellington Street, towards the High Street

2019, about where the blue car is, left bottom of this photo