Location:- as yet not identified

Brewery or Owner:- Robert Jones

No clues found as to location. It is only found referenced once, in the Bury Free Press in 1789. This sale was of the Brewery and publice houses of Robert Jones. The White Horse being the property where Woolworths, and now JD stands. The Corydon with stabling for 12 horse seems rather large for the Rookery. If trade was poor (it is not mentioned !), it is possible it was then given over to residential use, or maybe even a change of name.
Included in the sale were the White Horse, Waggon & Horses and Wheatsheaf in Newmarket and the White Horse, Exning; Anchor, Burwell and Plough, Ashley as well as other properties

The only other places in UK where this name has been seen is a horse owned by Thomas Panton in Newmarket in 1774 and a current day Rough Haired Collie kennel name.