Location:- not identified

Thanks to research into medical practices in Newmarket by Paul Saban it now appears that there was an Inn called the Green Man. Its location is currently not known and it may just be that it was one and the same as the Green Dragon..

Further investigation reveals the Green Man, Newmarket to be the location of several auction sales listed in various Anglian newspapers between 1767 and 1786.

Bury Records office has the lease (Ac389 in 61E Box1) which Paul says is basically stuff not catalogued yet, just jumbled up in the box. The lease was taken by apothecary Thomas Searncke, jointly with Robert Warren(innkeeper) for one year, in 1760. Leased from Thomas Scotman who had inherited it in his mother's will in 1741(probate 1743 IC5001197(13)0. It lists other names, presumably previous innkeepers Robert Warren - Andrew Denton - Jown Dawson - ? Wheatley - James Shade - Daniel Knott - William Delamore, who built it on land he purchased from Richard Nelson. Paul is positive that both documents refer to the Green Man, not Green Dragon .

A case is now made for a trip to Bury to compare these documents with the deeds to the Green this space