Location:- Albion Street

Brewery or Owner:- last..Star Brewery, Cambridge

The Two Old Brewers took up about half of the eastern side of Albion Street, from next door to the Albion Stores towards Market Street.It was one of those chosen for closure just before WW1 as the ward of St Mary's had too many beer outlets,(about one for every 100 man, woman and child)

Closed and sold in 1913 and seems to have become an un-licensed lodging house

Year Licensee Owner source
1787 Chapmans's map
1823 J.Webb Pigot
1830 Jeremiah Smith Pigot
1839 Oliver Hitchen Pigot
1841 Oliver Hitchen census
1844 " " White
1850 " " Slater
1855 Mrs Dennis White
1861 Joseph Burling census
1865 John Glyde Post Office
1868 Apr. John Newbold Bury & Norwich Post
1869 C.H.Marston Bury & Norwich Post
1869 Robert Rawlinson Post Office
1871 " " census
1879 " " Kelly
1881 Eliza Rawlinson (Miss) daughter of previous census
1885 John Foreman Kelly
1891 " " census
1901 " " census
1904 " " Kelly
1908 Frederick William Gibbs Kelly
1911 " " (died Apr.1912) census
1913 sold unlicensed Newmarket Journal

rear of premises - late 1960's
through the arch in background in Wellington Street and the arch is part of the Albion Store,to the right