HINTON, Reginald John

No.27263, Private, Reginald John HINTON
Aged 19

2nd Battalion, Royal Warwickshire Regiment
formerly 2913, Suffolk Regiment
Died of his Wounds on Thursday 22nd March 1917

Reginald John Hinton was born 1897 in Polstead (Cosford Q4-1897 4A:797) son of Hector and Florence May HINTON (née FIRMAN). The birth registration shows registration in Cosford (ie Polstead) but the census records give place of birth as Stoke by Nayland which should have been a Sudbury registration. This possible confusion was rectified in 1938 when part of Polstead actually became part of Stoke by Nayland.

1901 census...Aged 3, he was at Polstead Street, Polstead with his mother Florence HINTON [22] married, born Nayland, and sister May [1]. Both children recorded as born Polstead. His father was in the Royal Artillery somewhere in UK.

1911 census...Aged 13, a scholar, he was in Birdbrook with his father Hector HINTON [37] stud groom, born Euston, Liverpool, his mother May Florence; sisters Jessie May (like Reginald, now recorded as born in Stoke by Nayland), Daisy Florence [8] born Steeple Bumpstead, and Isabel Frances [2] born in Birdbrook; brothers Hector Colenso [9] born Stoke by Nayland and Edward Charles born Steeple Bumpstead. A further 2 sister were born in Birdbrook, Dorothy Elsie in 1911 and Eileen Alison in 1913

His father had enlisted in the Royal Artillery in 1890 and served 12 years, service in S Africa (Oct 1890 to July 1900) including the Relief of Ladysmith. Having served 12 years in the Colours he had no Reserve commitment but at the age of 42 he enlisted again, in the Royal Field Artillery No 15261, served in the BEF in France/Flanders from July 1915 to May 1916 before returning to UK and surviving the war, finishing his service as a Sergeant on the staff at the Prisoner of War Reception Camp in Ripon.

He enlisted in Haverhill.
On the 20th the battalion were in Brigade Reserve at Ervillers, then on 21st they were ordered back to Puisieux. Their casualties were 5 killed 12 wounded. The war diary notes that 7 of these died from their wounds, presumably Reginald was one.

www.birdbrook.net adds quite a bit on this father and son story:-
Hector Hinton - Royal Field Artillery Sergeant
Ruridecanal Magazine January 1916 'A NEW RECRUIT. - We congratulate Sergt. and Mrs. Hinton on the birth of another son. He arrived two days before Christmas and the day after his father arrived on Christmas leave from the front. We are glad to hear that mother and son are both doing very well. The family has been closely associated with our country's wars, one recalls that one son was born during the South African war, while the father was fighting at Colenso and is named after that battle. Let us hope that this new boy will grow up a strong man and later on fight in his country's army - but in any case that he will prove a faithful soldier of the King of kings.'

Reginald Hinton - Ruridecanal Magazine April 1917 'Reginald Hinton is now well again and is out of hospital.'

Ruridecanal Magazine May 1917 'It is with great regret that we have to record the death of Reginald Hinton. His officer has written to his mother as follows:- "I am sorry to say that your son was badly wounded by shell fire on March 21st. He was taken to hospital and died on March 23rd. We were in billets at the time and an unlucky shell hit the billets and caused 17 casualties. Your son was a good soldier, popular with his comrades, and well liked by his officers." He was only nineteen years of age. When the war broke out nothing would satisfy him but to join the Army, young as he then was. So he had nearly two years of training before he went to the front last summer. Only last month we recorded the fact that he had just come out of hospital. He had been a member of the choir for some years. The sympathy of all is felt with his father and mother in this sad time.'

His memorial stall in Birdbrook church

photo: Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Reginald Hinton is buried in Mailly Wood Cemetery, Mailly-Maillet, grave 2:F:5

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