CREED, Beaupre Augustine

No.A1410, Trooper, Beaupre Augustine CREED
Aged 36

South African Constabulary
Died of Disease on 29th January 1902

Beaupre Augustine Creed was born in Chedburgh (3rd qtr 1865 Thingoe 4a:437) son of Revd Henry Keyworth and Elizabeth Georgina CREED(née MILLS)

1871 census...Aged 5, he was at The Rectory, Chedburgh with his father Henry K CREED [40] rector; his mother Elizabeth [32] born London; sisters Clara E [4], Dorothy A [3], Emilia [2] and Flora P [9 months]. All except his mother born in Chedburgh.

1881 census...Aged 15, he was at 34 Kimbolton Road, Bedford with his widowed mother; brothers Algernon [16] born Monewden, Suffolk and John H [6] born Chedburgh; sisters Clara, Dorothy, Emilia, Flora, Hilda [7]and Katherine [4] both born Chedburgh. His father had died in 1877.

1891 census...Aged 25, he was at Tostock Place, Tostock with his aunt, widow Catherine Brown; sisters Emilia and Flora. Beaupre is entered as Canadian Colonist under occupation.

1901 census...not found in this census, he was in South Africa. His mother was at 127 Woodstock Road, Oxford with his brother John (schoolmater); sisters Clara, Flora, Gertrude and Katherine)

Little is known as to how he came to join the South Africa Constabulary, but he died of enteric fever at Pochefstroom on 29th January 1902.
The South African Constabulary was a paramilitary force set up in 1900 under British Army control to police areas captured from the two independent Boer republics of Transvaal and Orange Free State during the Second Boer War. Its first Inspector-General was Major-General Robert Baden-Powell, later founder of the Scout movement.
His Queen's South Africa medal carries the clasps for Cape Colony - Orange Free State - Transvaal - South Africa 1901 - South Africa 1901