CODDINGTON, James Frederick

No.6143799, S/Sergeant, James Frederick CODDINGTON
Aged 23

1st Wing, Glider Pilot Regiment
Killed in Action on Tuesday, 6th June 1944

James Frederick CODDINGTON was born in 1920 (Leominster Q4-1920 6A:948), son of W George and Mary Elizabeth CODDINGTON (née BURROW) (m. Flookburgh Church (Ulverston 1913).

He apparently had brother John (Kendal 1914) and sisters Marjorie (Ulverston 1915), Kathleen M (Ulverston 1919) and Doreen (Leominster 1922).

None have been identified in the 1939 register and no connection with Cowlinge other than his parents being "of Cowlinge" in the CWGC records

Operation MALLARD was a second wave of glider troops to go to Normandy on D-Day. There not being enough towing aircraft, they had to wait until the return of those who had taken glider over to capture Pegasus Bridge that morning. These were quickly serviced and repaired where necessary and readied for another trip to France. Some gliders carried the first airborne tanks, the lightweight Tetrarch ( which proved to be troublesome in action).

'D' Squadron provided 34 crews (including 17 attached from 'E' Squadron, 2 Wing) for operation MALLARD, Capt. I.A. Morrison was in command.
The combination took off from KEEVIL (near Trowbridge, Wiltshire) at 1900 hrs and 32 gliders of the 34 landed on L.Z. 'W'.( St Aubin d'Arquenay). One glider would not take off and another Horsa landed at Ford due to engine failure of the tug.
Lt. Martin was killed due to crashing on landing and his second pilot Lt. A.A. Clark was badly injured. S/Sgt. Coddington and Sgt. Goodchild (his No.2) were also killed on landing.

The bodies of Lt. Martin, S/Sgt. Coddington and Sgt. Goodchild were found and buried by a First Aid Party at ST. AUBYN D'ARQUENAY church(close to Ouistreham and Pegasus Bridge) and re-interred in Ranville on 31st May 1945.

James whilst undergoing flying training

photo: Commonwealth War Grave Commission

James Coddington is buried in Ranville War Cemetery, grave 3A:E:8

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