No.240221, Private, William RUMBELOW
Aged 21

1st/5th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
formerly 1683, Suffolk Regiment
Died of his Wounds on Saturday, 5th May 1917

William SMITH was born in Freckenham in 1896 (Mildenhall Q1-1896 4A:796, son of Ellen Elizabeth SMITH.

1901 census... Aged 5, he was William SMITH at Hall Farm with his grandmother Mary RUMBELOW [62] born Wickhambrook, step-father William W RUMBELOW, [37] a farmer, mother Elizabeth E RUMBELOW [28] and sister Marjorie SMITH [2]. All except Mary were born in Freckenham. William Westrope RUMBELOW married Ellen Elizabeth SMITH in 1900.

1911 census... Aged 15, a farm worker, he was now William RUMBELOW, at Freckenham Hall, with his step father William W RUMBELOW [47] a farmer, born Freckenham; his mother Ellen RUMBELOW [38], born Freckenham; sister Marjorie [11] and half-brothers Walter [9] and Norman [7] and grandmother, widowed Mary RUMBELOW [72] born Wickhambrook. All the children were born in Freckenham.

He enlisted in Mildenhall. It is not certain whether William died of wounds or illness since by May 1917 the rate of illness in Palestine rose to 2.75%, albeit the 5th Suffolk's had the lowest rate. Sickness often causing 3,500 to 4,00 casualties a week in the E.E.F whereas wounds only accounted for about 400 per week. In fact in 1917 the wounded accounted for 29,000 and illness accounted for over 138,000.

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William Rumbelow is buried in Kantara War Memorial Cemetery, Egypt grave F:289

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