HORNE, Albert

No. 3/8918, Sergeant, Albert HORNE
Aged 19

Suffolk Regiment, 1st Battalion
Killed in Action on Sunday 3rd October 1915

Born in Lakenheath [ Mildenhall Q4-1896 4a:829]

1901 census...Aged 4, he was living at Anchor Lane with his father- William HORN [46] pork butcher; mother- Elizabeth (née PALMER) [44]; brother- Frederick, [15] farm labourer;brother - Lewis [12] farm labourer; brother- Richard [9]; sister- Hannah [6]. All the family were born in Lakenheath.

1911 census...Aged 14, farm labourer, he was living at Anchor Street,Lakenheath with his father (now a general labourer), his mother, sister Hannah and a nephew, Stanley [2] born Lakenheath but parents not known at present. Four children out of eleven had died.

By the time the CWGC forms were completed his father was shown as of Anchor Lane, Lakenheath ( he seems to have died in Q1-1921) and his mother Elizabeth is shown as Elizabeth HORRE of Whitehall Farm, West Dereham, King's Lynn.

Enlisted in Bury St Edmunds
The battalion was sent along the Hulluch Road to Vermelles. An attack was ordered against Little Wille on the Hohenzollern Redoubt at 8.30 pm.which if successful was to be followed on beyond Fosse 8. The attack was postponed several times and did not take place until 2 am on 3rd. The right was set to advance toward a red light outside a German trench, but the delays and position of the moon had changed considerably and they had to grope their way forward, minus 'D' Company who had not arrived. To add to the confusion the Germans chose that night not to light their red lamp. There was no artillery support and the attempt failed.It later transpired that 'D' Company had been ordered elsewhere, kept in the front line for a night and then sent off to another part of the line. All in all it seems to have been a complete muddle.
The Suffolks had 34 men killed that day, only 4 have identified graves,the rest are named on the Loos Memorial, Dud Corner.

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No Known Grave
Albert is commemorated on the Loos Memorial, Loos en Gohelle, France..ref..panels 37 & 38

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