MACE, Thomas Henry

No.320310, Private, Thomas Henry MACE
Aged 19

15th (Yeomanry) Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
formerly 2305, Suffolk Yeomanry
Killed in Action on Saturday, 9th March 1918

Thomas Henry Mace was born in 1898 (Mildenhall Q4-1898) 4A:837), son of Charles and Mary Ann MACE (n&eacate;e FULLER).

1901 census...Aged 2, he was at Church Lane, Barton Mills with his father Charles MACE [34] a groom, born Tuddenham; his mother Martha Ann [36] born Tuddenham; brothers Charles James [9] and Arthur [7] both born in Cavenham; sister Annie Elizabeth [5] born Herringswell.

1911 census...Aged 12, he was at Barton Mills with his widowed mother, brothers Charles James (chauffeur) and Arthur William (farm labourer) and sister Florence [9] born Barton Mills. Sister Annie was a servant for George Lambton at Mesnil Warren, Bury Road, Newmarket.

He enlisted in Bury St Edmunds. CWGC have him in the 5th Battalion, "Soldiers Died" in the 15th. Both battalions were in the EEF in 1918, but it was the 15th who were fighting around Jerusalem on 9th March 1918.
On the 8th March the battalion started 3 days of the hardest fighting they had encountered in Palestine.The 74th Division advanced along both sides of the Jersualem-Nablus road, their brigade's objective being the trench system at Burj Badawil. Movimng off soon after sunset on the 8th they took two hours to climb a hill and then the attack took place at dawn and by 8 pm the village of Yebrud had been cleared.
Then they advance don Burj Badawil which was taken by 10:30 am. Checked by machine gun fire from both flanks and with the ground devoid of cover, it was decided to leave the next advance until dusk. Only one track was possible for the descent. At midnight the bridge on the road not being held they moved forward to assault Hill K:12 and by dawn the crest was taken and the high ground overlooking Sinjil was secured.
The cost to the 15th Suffolks was 5 killed

photo: Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Thomas Mace is buried in Jerusalem War Cemetery, grave A:50

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