November 11th 2011
After the annual Remembrance Service at 11:00 on the 11th day of 11th month and the 11th year of the century
Kira Brophy, a pupil of Newmarket College read her poem for the gathering around the Memorial

Soldiers of the heart

This is to the men that were so willing
To go to Flanders Fields and take the Kingís shilling
The sights they see stain their eyes
Especially when to their friends they say their goodbyes
Washed away with sorrow
Only thinking about tomorrow
Facing death everyday
Every night they wish and pray
Dreaming of their families under amber rays of light
Soon to be sobbing in the dark of the foreign night
The sound of shots imprinted in their heads
Watching the heroes who fell to their deaths
Their heartís left fair England woven with hope and glory
The few who returned told a bleak and sad story
Our young boys can now feel their hearts once again
They will live forever peacefully in heaven
Thank you to the soldiers who once were
You will always be in our hearts - we will always remember

By Kira Brophy