SE/8286, Private, Michael RYAN
Aged 22

Army Veterinary Corps
Died of lllness on 6th June 1918

There are some gaps in this man's records but it is almost certain this is the man named on the memorial

A Newmarket stable lad and member of the Astley Club and commemorated on the plaque in the New Astley Club, Newmarket

He was born on 11th February 1897, but that is all we have, where born and his family has not been unearthed yet.

He became a stablelad in Newmarket and apparently had a partner, Hilda Waters, with whom he had two children, Charles Ryan Waters (12/10/1914) and Amy Violet Waters (13/5/1916).
He married Hilda in Newmarket in 1916, their address being Westley's Cottage, Albion Street, Newmarket. As a result Hilda received an Army pension of £1 5s 5d per week, the element for each child to cease on their 16th birthday.. This all suggests that his illness was caused by or aggravated by military service, but in the absence of such exact cause for his discharge from the Army (his records not being found) it is not possible to have him added to the Book of Remembrance.

He died of lymphodenoma (another name used for Hodgkin's disease) at Rous Hospital on 6th June 1918.

Little is known of his Army history. From the fact that he was in France by May 1915 he likely enlisted in 1914

He was medically discharged on 7th July 1917, returned to Newmarket and died in the Rous Memorial Hospital there . He is buried in an unmarked grave in Newmarket Cemetery. The burial register has H:768, however there is no such grave number, it should be I:768

Michael is buried in Newmarket Cemetery, New Ground I:768 (but recorded as H:768 in burial register)

It may prove impossible to have him accepted by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission due to insufficient evidence