SAYER, Peter Duncan

Sub Lieutenant (A) Peter Duncan SAYER
Aged 20

832 Squadron, HMS Victorious, RNVR
Died in Air Accident on 23rd October 1941

Peter Duncan Sayer was born Brentford (2nd qtr 1921 Brentford 3a:224), son of Sidney Daniel and Dora Gladys May SAYER (née EYLES).

In the 1939 register his parents were at "Greycott", Pakenham, father an Inland Revenue officer. Two closed records, one of which could be Peter's sister.

He married Margaret Miller McFarlane of 14 Iona Street, Glasgow at Summertown Church, Glasgow on 15th October 1941

He was listed as Temp Sub Lieutenant (A), Pilot, (HMS Kestrel) on 17th February 1941. 13th March 1941 he was with 756 Squadron.
832 Squadron was formed in April 1941 at Lee on Solent as an Albacore torpedo bomber spotter reconnaissance squadron. Embarked on HMS Victorious in August 19141, carrying out attacks on shipping off the Lofoten Islands and Bodo in Norway.
Peter was the pilot of Fairey Albacore Mk1 of 832 Squadron, Fleet Air Arm, from H.M.S. Victorious, which was on a navigational training flight when it suffered engine failure, crashing off the island of South Rona, east of the Isle of Skye (one report has North Rona which is many miles away, isolated in the Atlantic, well north of Stornaway).

All three crew were killed, only Peter's body was recovered. They were Pilot - Sub Lt(A) Peter Duncan SAYER; Observer-Sub Lt (A) Albert HOPKINS; Air Gunner - Ldg Airman(TY) Norman WELDON.

H.M.S. Victorious (1940/41)

Peter Sayer is buried in Pakenham (St.Mary's) Churchyard

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