SNARE, John Maurice

No.22586750, Fusilier, John Maurice SNARE
Aged 19

Royal Fusiliers
Missing Died of Wounds in Captivity on Saturday, 25th November 1952

John Maurice Snare was born in 1933 in Brandon (Thetford Q2-1933 4B:420), son of Cedric Victor and Caroline Louisa SNARE (née WOOLSEY).
His elder sister married William BENTLEY.

In the 1939 register, at The Gardens, Mark Lane, Santon Downham were his father Cedric [21-6-1900] a warrener for the Forestry Commission; his mother Caroline L [3-1-1897] an agricultural worker. There are 2 closed records. The location of John has not been found.

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"D" Company, Royal Fusiliers as part of Operation Pimlico went out with about 40 men on 24th November 1952 at 6 pm on a prisoner snatch. Hope of a surprise was gone when they had to shoot one Chinese soldier and another managed to run away. This resulted in a gun fight and them eventually being surrounded. All their NCOs had been killed or wounded. After the battle many volunteered to go and recover the dead, but the Chinese were doing likewise, which resulted in another fight and 6 more dead. All told the Fusiliers lost 22 men killed or missing and 41 wounded.

It took many years and arguments with "the authorities" before a tablet was added to the war memorial with John's details recorded on it.

faintly written in pencil on this log it appears to say "D o W as a P o W"

photo: Commonwealth War Graves Commission

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John Snare is commemorated on the Pusan Memorial
and also on the war memorial in Brandon
The Commonwealth War Graves Commission records only the 1st and 2nd World War casualties
although tending many other military graves.

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