LE ROY, Dennis

No.14272316, Trooper, Dennis LE ROY
Aged 21

3rd Royal Tank Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps
Killed in Action on Sunday, 1st April 1945

Dennis was born on 10th December 1924 (Risbridge Q1-1924 4A:1497) son of Hubert E and Annie Sophia LE ROY(née MASON) at 3 Church Terrace, Wixoe. One of nine children, he attended Wixoe School and left at the age of 14. At 3 Church Terrace in the 1939 register were his father [30-9-1884] plumber/heating engineer; mother [12-9-1894]; brothers Cyril A. [6-7-1916] plumber's assistant, Elon E [18-4-1921 [incapacitated], Alec H [29-11-1924] scholar, Arnold T [30-5-1927 and Oscar Keith [12-2-1938]. There are 3 closed records.

He is thought to have worked at Rippers in Sible Hedingham and also on the staff of one of the large houses in the area, which is reinforced by his last letter home.

After conscription he did his training at Catterick Camp in Yorkshire. Dennis was a radio operator, there were 3 of his regiment killed that day, suggesting his tank was hit. Part of 11th Armoured Division, it seems 3 RTR had just crossed the Dortmund-Ems Canal via the hastily built Bailey bridge at Birgte . The bridges were attacked by the usual Me109 aircraft and to their great surprise the jet Me262.. It is not known however exactly what caused the death of the three tank men.

Initially buried near Ibbenburen, 16 miles west of Osnabruck he was re-interred in Reichswald Forest War Cemetery in 1947.

Thanks to his sister we have his last letter home (transcribed here)

14/2/1945...Dear Diana and Ted,
How can I thank you enough for the smashing parcel I received yesterday. It made me sweat to bring it here to the billet from the office.It was a good job I had nothing to do at the time, that allowed me a few rests on the way.
Give my love to Aunt Sophia and thank her very much for me for what I received from her
It's the worst of having such a big staff at home. The cook sent me some chocolate but I received nothing from the maid yet. Has she left or got the sack.
The parcel arrived in very good order with nothing smashed or crushed.
I'm glad you both are keeping well and I see you have not yet moved to Waterhall yet. I suppose the repairs are still going on. I'm keeping very well and should do if this weather leasts any length of time. The suns shining brightly and I see but one wispy cloud in the sky. It's the best I've enjoyed for a long time.
Well that's about all for now. You'll have to excuse the mistakes. Cheerio and God bless you, With lots of love, from your brother, Dennis.

the bridges at Riesenbeck and Birgte where they crossed the canal

photo: Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Dennis Le Roy is buried in Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, grave 46:J:12

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