PEACHEY, Joseph William

No.12448, Private, Joseph William PEACHEY
Aged 20

7th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
Killed in Action on Wednesday, 13th October 1915

Joseph Peachey was born in Saxon Street (Newmarket Q3-1895 3B:499), son of James and Harriet PEACHEY (née BURLING).

1901 census...Aged 5, he was in Saxon Street with his father James PEACHEY [40], a bricklayer; his mother Harriet [39]; brother Reuben [15] a farm labourer; brothers Stanley [8] and Robert [3] and sister Hannah [1]. The whole family were born in Woodditton (Saxon Street). Sister Eliza Ruth Emmeline was staying with her uncle Thomas BURLING in Saxon Street.

1911 census... Aged 15, a farm labourer, he was in Saxon Street with his widower father, brothers Frank Reuben (labourer), sister Eliza Ruth Emmeline [22], brother Stanley (farm labourer), brother Robert (butcher's help), sister Hannah and brother Richard [8]. Now the whole family are recorded as born in Saxon Street. His mother had died in 1906. His father died in 1918.

He enlisted in Newmarket.
The 7th battalion, Suffolk Regiment on 13th October 1915 were tasked with attacking the Quarries, specifically the two trenches known as the Hairpin, about 250 yards in front of them. B Company suffered from heavy machine gun fire as they crossed open ground and suffered about 75 casualties. At the same time A Company attacked up the left arm and D Company up the right arm of the Hairpin. They were held up by violent opposition and their machine guns were switched from D to A Company. German bombers barred their way and gradually A and D companies were cut off from HQ, but forced their way to the edge of the Quarries, but could get no further. A trench was quickly dug to join the two arms of the Hairpin to consolidate their position which was later handed over to the 9th Essex.
Their 161 casualties included 50 killed, of which not one has a known grave, all being named on the Loos Memorial.

photo: Rodney Gibson

Joseph Peachey is commemorated on the Loos Memorial, Dud Corner Cemetery, France panels 37-38

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