Only on the strength of his enlistment in Newmarket, believed to be this man

No.14049, Sergeant, Thomas WILLIAMSON
Aged 31

8th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
Died of his Wounds on Thursday 20th July 1916

Thomas Williamson was born in Shouldham, Norfolk in 1885 ( Downham Q1-1885 4B:381), baptised Shouldham 29th March 1885 son of Thomas and Ada Fanny WILLIAMSON (née DANE).

1891 census...Aged 6 he was at Sincks, Shouldham Thorpe, with his father Thomas WILLIAMSON [32] a gamekeeper born in West Acre, Norfolk; his mother Fanny [30] born Shouldham; sister Rosanna [8] and brother Edward [6] both born in Shouldham, and sister Emily M [4] and brother John R [2] both born in Shouldham Thorpe.

1901 census...Aged 16, a gamekeeper, he was at the Sincks, Shouldham Thorpe, with his parents and sister Emily Maud and brother John Robert and Robert [9] born Shouldham Thorpe.

. 1911 census...Aged 26 a gamekeeper, he was still at the Sincks, Shouldham Thorpe with his parents and brother Robert (farm labourer) and two boys from Dr Barnardo's .

Currently no record of any Woodditton area connection has been found, except enlisting in Newmarket. Gamekeeprs were in constant demand here so it may be that he was employed on a local estate just before war broke out.

He enlisted in Newmarket.
It is likely he was wounded in the attack launched on the night of 18th/19th July by the 8th Suffolks. It was their first experience of open warfare. Advancing across open countryside in broad daylight from Longueval towards Delville Wood against well placed German machine guns brought about heavy casualties,but eventually the line in the village was advanced 300 yards and the bottle neck entrance to Delville Wood widened. The position was then consolidated and on the morning of the 21st they were relieved.
The 19th July saw 19 killed, and on the 20th a further 9 died, one of them Percy PLUME from Woodditton

photo; Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Thomas Williamson is buried in Corbie Communal Cemetery Extension - grave 1:E:3

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